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Graphic,UI/UX Design & Branding

We create a brand expression in a message your customers will recognize, identify with, and want to share with their community. We are the best graphic design service company in Los Angeles, California creating graphic design, logo, and branding. We create quality branding for your website to attract the customers in Los Angeles, California. In this message, we work to achieve your corporate identity, gain your customers’ loyalty, and create permanent relevance for your position in the market. We rely on a product marketing strategy that works, and we help you get noticed by the people that matter. Reach us for further discussion.

Our creativity inspires your imagination and that enhance user experience and increase the value of your brand. Being one of the leading UX/UI design services company, we deliver highly usable and intuitive design services for websites, mobile apps, brand logos, E-commerce stores, enterprise software and wearable applications.

Our analysts and UX/UI designers work with you to deliver custom designs in various forms that match your unique business requirements.Let us help you create amazing user experiences that your customers will absolutely love! Layercodes express your brand image for success.

Why choose us as your UX/UI design & development partner?

  • UX/UI Design Consulting Services

  • Design Implementation & Prototyping

  • User Experience Framework Development

  • Framework Development & UX Modeling

  • Logo, Brochure and Pamphlet Designing

  • User Interface (UI) Detailing & Design

  • Information Architecture & Wireframing

  • Mobile Responsive Web Design

Our Design Expertise

  • Sketch and Marvel Design Tools & Flash Action Script

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended & Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

  • Balsamiq Moskup Tool & HTML5 UP and GIMP

  • Macromedia Flash CS4 Professional & AJAX, CSS, JavaScript

  • llustrator CS4 Extended & DHTML, XHTML & HTML